dinsdag 20 november 2012

Photoshoot Double R

Dear Blog lover,

How you doing? I'm fine:) Just a little bit tired.

It was a long day, but I'm very satisfied. I had a shoot with Double R, Curacao -Legends of all times. Do you already know Double R? Click Here for a Music of Double R

Stay tuned for the brand new CD.

Love, ShennaVision

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maandag 16 juli 2012

July 2, Curaçao's Flag Day

Blessed week blog--lover...

Its been a while, yes I know. Last weekend I received the photo's of Curacao's Flag Day that's I'm writing this new blog.

Curacao celebrates Curacao Flag Day as a public holiday.
Every year the island of Curacao come alive with various folklore activities and cultural events on Curacao's Flag Day.

Curaçao's Flag Day creates a heady patriotic atmosphere on the small Caribbean island. Official ceremonies and an extensive program of cultural events take place in Willemstad's Plaza Brion and the north-western village of Barber.

The flag of Curaçao represents the Country of Curaçao as well as the island area within the Netherlands Antilles from 1984 until its dissolutionThe flag is a blue field with a horizontal yellow stripe slightly below the midline and two white, five-pointed stars in the canton

The blue symbolises the sea and sky (the bottom and top blue sections, respectively) divided by a yellow stroke representing the bright sun which bathes the island. The two stars represent Curaçao and Klein Curaçao, but also 'Love & Happiness'. The five points on each star symbolise the five continents from which Curaçao's people come.

ShennaVision @ Willemstad, Punda-- Renaissance 

Blessed week!



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vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Curacao Carnival 2012

Carnival is such a bright, colorful and happy time.
Everyone wants to look fab while 'chipping down de road'! It's not only about the carnival costume, but your make up is important as well. It's all about the total LOOK.

For bookings: Info@shennavision.com

Let's All Love Each Other Instead Of Fight 

Be Blessed

maandag 5 december 2011

X-Mas 2011- A Season to Remember

Share the Happiness and Capture the Moment!

Photograher Charles van Trappen
Make up & Styling: ShennaVision
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Interested in a X-Mas Shoot Dec 20 0r 21?? 
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zondag 6 november 2011

Colour is Life!!!

Hey blog-lover!

Have a Nice | Blessed | Wonderful & COLORFUL week! Spice it up!!!

Photo by Visual Creature | Model ShennaVision | Make up ShennaVision

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Love from Amsterdam,

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maandag 3 oktober 2011

Pregnancy is a TRUE miracle!

I really think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages a woman can go through. Pregnancy is a TRUE miracle. It’s a precious reminder of how amazingly capable your body is. No matter how these 9 months go, the physical and emotional journey you endure will be one you will draw strength from for the rest of your life.  Make sure to capture it!

A pregnancy photoshoot  is a beautiful reminder of how you carried your baby. The wonder of birth is amazing and how better to show your child how they grew before they came into the world.

If you’re expecting, feel free to contact me at info@shennavision.com

You can tell me and the photographer what u want and together we can create the shoot. If you really don't have any idea, I will help you. When you agree, I'll make a moodboard. moodboard is a collection of ideas, light set up, a few scetches (or pictures), and plans for your shoot.

This is the moodboard "Sex and the City" I made for Tadisha.   Get a Look!

By Charles van Trappen

Ooooops Lenn, she did it again... 
You like it?
Are you expecting a baby and you wanna capture this wonderful and blessed moment? Feel free... and contact me @ info@shennavision.com

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donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Top Model of Colour Holland


Top Model of Colour (TMC) is a modelling competition, which is now in its 6th year
and is open to models from across the world, whom are of African,
Hispanic, Oriental, African, Asian & Dual heritage ethnicity. Top Model of Colour
 competition is providing models with exposure to the
modelling industry. 

Top Model of Colour Holland!!

Top Model of Colour was organized by Monica van Halder. Her two main goals were to add some extra spice and colour to the fashion industry and to put the beautiful exotic women in the lime lights.  

This year the second edition of Top Model of Colour took place at the end of June. Over 500 models subscribed. After 3 rounds of selection, there were 23 models selected to take part in the final round of Top Model of Colour.

Nicolle Jasper TMC Holland Winner 2011

Me and the Make up artists from the Netherlands and Paris

Catch up on all of the latest  TMC news from across the world....

Much Love,


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dinsdag 26 juli 2011

ShennaVision Facebook Page

Hi Blog/ Make up Lover...

How are you doing?  Did you know that I have a Make up page on Facebook ?

Yez, I do:) Check it out : ShennaVision Facebook Page

Make up by ShennaVision

Love and kisses from Amsterdam,


dinsdag 5 juli 2011

"Summer Carnaval"

Rotterdam Summer Carnival is a huge event in Rotterdam held in end July every year. It is a fantastic combination of music, dance, food, parades and lots of enjoyment.  The carnival attracts about 600,000 visitors annually. Similar to the carnival at Rio de Janeiro, Zomer Carnival of Rotterdam combines the colours of Dutch, Surinam and Antillean cultures on the same platform. 

There are different groups. This year I'm doing the make up for: Cosmopolita, that's the name of the group. Dress is: Gladiator. This is how it will look like.

Me @work

Look: Man

Gladiator, Carnaval look.

So if you are here on vacation... don't miss it. And if you live here.... Just join the group.

Love, Shenna

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Wedding Make up - Shennavision

Hi Blog-Lover..

Tired of waiting...Finally found the other half ... Marriage plans??


Your wedding day will see you be the centre of attention for the entire day. Everyone will be looking at you, so you want to look your best. Your make-up plays an important role in complimenting your features, gown and accessories, it is important to try look your best.

Wedding makeup is a detailed and exciting part of planning your special day.  It’s important to look and feel your best…It’s your wedding day!

Check out my Wedding video...

If you are interested in a Wedding make up, don't hesitate to contact me: info@shennavision.com