maandag 3 oktober 2011

Pregnancy is a TRUE miracle!

I really think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages a woman can go through. Pregnancy is a TRUE miracle. It’s a precious reminder of how amazingly capable your body is. No matter how these 9 months go, the physical and emotional journey you endure will be one you will draw strength from for the rest of your life.  Make sure to capture it!

A pregnancy photoshoot  is a beautiful reminder of how you carried your baby. The wonder of birth is amazing and how better to show your child how they grew before they came into the world.

If you’re expecting, feel free to contact me at

You can tell me and the photographer what u want and together we can create the shoot. If you really don't have any idea, I will help you. When you agree, I'll make a moodboard. moodboard is a collection of ideas, light set up, a few scetches (or pictures), and plans for your shoot.

This is the moodboard "Sex and the City" I made for Tadisha.   Get a Look!

By Charles van Trappen

Ooooops Lenn, she did it again... 
You like it?
Are you expecting a baby and you wanna capture this wonderful and blessed moment? Feel free... and contact me @
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