zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Fantasy Make-up

Make-up is a passion, it’s a fantasy. It’s visualizing an idea or fantasy by means of applying make-up. First I made a mood board to be able to visualize my fantasy/idea.

Like a collage a mood board consists of several pictures and images. My mood board is where I get my ideas from so it´s a real source of inspiration.
The thought behind a mood board is that visual communication is much more effective than verbal communication. At first glance you will be able to see what inspired me. There is an old saying which applies to this: ‘A picture tells a thousand words.

Colour is life

“Colour” is my inspiration. Colour is life and life is colourful. In life you always have to make choices, it’s one or the other. That’s why I made a choice.

I chose my favourite colours, which are the peacock colours. I used these colours to create a make-up idea for the model.
It was a real challenge for me to use these peacock colours in the make-up of the model. It was an idea/fantasy which I made real. As it is a fantasy make-up , I used my creativity and chose to make it my own creative peacock.

Model: Rugeen
Photographer: Donald Frans

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