zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Rotterdam Loves Burlesque

Burlesque as a sensation was brought to America from Britain in the 1800s. Forget playboy bunnies. Burlesque glamour is all about being a lady, although a lady with a naughty side! Burlesque is all about elegance and what you leave on is easily as important as what you take off. This is the new glamour.

The word and concept of Burlesque came through though: Betty Page, Gypsy Rose Lee and Dita von Teese.
It took a while compared with USA and UK, but finally in 2007 the (new) Burlesque wave hit Amsterdam! Here has always been striptease, pin-up girls, showgirls in Amsterdam, ... well before we called it Burlesque.

Hot Fashion trend 2010: Burlesque

Modern day burlesque wear is all about high heels and old fashioned glamour.
There are hundreds of different looks you can adopt, but the essentials stay the same.

  • Red lipstick 
  • Eyeliner 
  • A good set of sexy underwear! Gorgeous corsets 
  • Heels 
  • Nails, they can be short, but they must be painted 
  • Impeccable pin up hair 

Doing her Hair 

Getting a "Burlesque Look" 

         Love, ShennaVision

Get A Look!

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