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Who doesn't love the word "Love"?

It's a short word with a big and deep meaning. It can be interpretated in different ways. For most of us, loves comes so naturaly in our daily lives, that we barely take the time to think ofwhat it really means to us.  

What's love....
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it 's not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails!!!
So love is not only about loving your partner, but also loving your friends and family.

Love has different meanings to different persons:

"Love is life" by Brett
"Love is the best gift of all times" by Shanti
"Love  is a battle worth fighting for" by Texeirha
"Love is an indescribable amazing feeling" by Suwa
"Love is peace, happiness, beautiful, natural, virtuous, sharing" By Rugeen

"Love starts by first accepting and loving yourself. It's all about giving and taking. Love Hope and Faith". See also 1 cor.13 by Blanca and Rob
"Love is like a souvenir, once given, never forgotten, never let it disappear"by T.O

"Love is the answer of everything" by David
"Love to me means hope, trust and believe" By Marella
"Words aren't enough to describe love" by Tisha
"Love is giving my last piece of cheesecake to the one I love" by Verda

"No rules, just expression and commitment" by Baggio
"The sweetest addiction with the most consequences" anonymous
"Love binds one another, creating reason for existence in the process" by Kai

"Love is like an earthquake: unpredictable! A little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are" by Christine
"Love is patient, kind unconditional and blind" by Raisza

Love at the first sight:

"Surprised, excited, insecure" anonymous
"Love at first sight can hit you really hard" by Theo
"It's the most passionate way of falling in love" by Jenice
"I believe in Lust at the first sight. I would say.. total Physical attraction" by Anaiz

"So real, so pure, so honest, so passionate, so innocent,
So unknowing, so beautiful...So at first sight!" By Ashanty
"I don't believe in love at first sight. Love grows with the time" by Sendeliz
12 things that can turn a man off:

  • Diarrhea,  -anonymous
  • An extremely cocky woman, -Jeroen
  • Price sticker under her shoes, -Michel
  • Always talking about past problems, -Achim
  • Bad breath & fake boobs and ass, -anonymous
  • Thin lips and big feet, -anonymous
  • When a woman can't cook, -Kevin
  • Don't ask why I didn't call you yesterday, -Akil
  • Not shaving her legs and under her armpits, -Steve
  • Not much talking, just do what you have to do, -Chenley Brian
  • Smoking and beer drinking. Dependent of her parents or partner, -Nishel
  • Not acting like a real lady and when she doesn't take care of herself, -Deivis

15 things that can turn a woman off:

  • Hairy chest, -Sanne
  • Bad breath, -Christine
  • When its's all about him, -Liane
  • Smoking all day long, -Sandra
  • Cheap man/guy, -anonymous  
  • Ulgly, dirty teeth, -Sue anne 
  • When a man brags about himself, -Dayane  
  • Dirty socks and clothes, -anonymous
  • Farting on the first date, -Clemence
  • Full body tattoo/ priercings, -anonymous
  • When the mother-in-law calls every day, -anonumous
  • Sweating feet and spliting the bill on the first day, -Ervina
  • When a man is constantly complaining that he's broke, -Rugeen
  • When a guy wears prada shoes and bags, -Sandra O.
  • Hidden and unexpected! So I can't really tell exactly besides being rude, poor hygiene and having no ambition, -Shanti

What is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to you:

"You are my brownie" - Lisa
She asked him:  "Will you still love me tomorrow?"
He answered  "Forever and ever, babe! -Saskia

"You are the best thing that ever happend to me", - Tyron
"Your my life, my everything, your my little princess," -Sheraldine
"You are the one that I love. Even more than I love your mother!! But please don't tell her", -anonymous  

Forever Love, Forever together ...
Two people, two rings, two hearts, but one Love and Soul. 


Bridal Make up Video. Make up and Hairstyling by ShennaVision

Years Later..Still in Love!
Forever Love, Forever together ... What is the secret?

"Family love, having kids together" by Galyna
"To be very patient  and to believe in God" by Mayda
"Resolving all problems and don't talk about them anymore, relaxation and to respect each other" by Louella 

"Sometimes it's better to stay calm and to always trust God" anonymous
"It's all about giving and taking and to being patient with each other" by Milangela 
"'Man and wife should have equal tasks when it comes to nurturing a family" by Junny

Best Valentine's gift ever:

"Roses!" - Roxanne
"Golden earrings"- Corina
"A kiss!" Anonymous
"He suprised me with a hotel suit with beautiful roses and champagne"- Sanna

Valentine´s Day

Every year many people celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved ones. Some people save money to get the most expensive gifts for their loved ones on V-day. But giving each other expensive gifts isn't the most important thing of  V-day. Sometimes are roses, a big hug or spending quality time with each other more important than giving expensive gifts.

On Valentine's Day we celebrate Love. But remember to show your loved ones LOVE the whole year through! Love is life, so live it.

Have a Wonderful and Blessed day!

Much Love,

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  1. Nice Blog, Loving it! And some handy info with the 15 thing that can turn off a man or woman!!

  2. I really like this blog..I think the idea of the love theme is great! keep up the good work, you're very talented!!

  3. After reading this I felt like celebrating V-day all by myself... But in practice I didn't.. Unfortunately for me it was just an ordinary day.. But the essence of this blog is so clear.. Love should not only be shown on this money-making Valentine Day.. You should love and be loved all through the year and cherish what you got at that precious time...

    I really enjoy helping with this blog!

  4. Nice research on love! we know so much yet so little...1 thing is for sure : I LOVE YOU!

  5. This blog is very nice. It is a great way to show how people think differently about the same subject.

  6. Luv your blog Colori! Feeling the love within me! Luv ya.. Keep up the good work!..

  7. Heel mooi Shenna. Weet nu ook weer waarom ik je zo geweldig vond (nee niet het uiterlijk, hoewel ik dat mooi heb kunnen vastleggen). Leuk je te kennen. Heb je Syn-ake al gevonden?

    groet, Ivo