zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Winter Make-up Trend '09/'10

If you look at the catwalk you will see that matt skin is extremely popular. Make-up artists pay attention to this matt face that can look like a background for the eyes and cheeks. It doesn't matter if your skin is pale or tinted - the most important thing is to keep it clear, smooth and matt.

The eyes: 
Eyes are the key to this trend. Make-up artists tend to go for two extremes looks for the eyes: smoky-smoky and almost naked ones. The emphasis lay more on the eye shadowing then on the long eyelashes. 

Eyeliners are now firmly back on the agenda! 

There are two types to choose from, liquid or pencil. Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to use, but the results can be much better with practice and patience. One technique to achieve the look is to Use a darker color on the lids and then smudge a slightly lighter shade under the eyes. I used a black liquid-liner to draw a thick line above the upper lashes and a thinner (gold) line under the lower lashes.

Purple Smoky eyes:
Sensual and majestic purple was everywhere at the autumn/winter 2009-10 catwalk shows. F.E : at Dior, it was found on silk jumpsuits, dresses and coats.

Get on the hottest lipstick trends!!!
Tenderness and innocence of lips color palette range from slightly pink, purple, fuchsia to extremely pale, almost skin-fitting-hue.

Purple lips can look every bit as chic as classic. I choose a lipstick with a matt finish instead of anything overly glossy or shimmering, for a look that’s classy and timeless!

Steer clear of lip glosses. Your lips should be decorated with matt lipstick. This will allow laying more stress on the eyes.

Get a Look, by ShennaVision

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